Cathy Ginter: Internationally renowned Spiritual Healer and Master Tarotologist is listed as one of the five best readers in the Pittsburgh area by CBSPittsburgh.

Messages for the week of May 24-30, 2015

-Please Note: All private sessions are by appointment only.

-I love how the Heart is always whispering to us ... we only need be quiet and listen. ~ Cathy Ginter

-2015 Summer Solstice Music and Dance Gathering: Saturday, June 20th at 6:30 PM. Join us for a night of music, song, dance and drumming as we celebrate the longest day of the Summer.​

-In Love, we open ourselves freely and willingly like a flower in the early hours of the dawning light. ~ Cathy Ginter

-Donations benefit Safe Harbor and are received with gratitude.

If you would like to schedule a private session, contact:

Cathy Ginter
Safe Harbor Center for Spiritual Healing
448 Fisher Road
Cabot, PA 16023-2110 USA
(30 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
(724) 352-4692

I accept phone calls between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM ET. You can always send an email to:

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