Tarot and Angel Oracle Card Readings ~ 

My primary intention is to provide you with the opportunity to heal your spirit so that you may live a more fulfilling life. For this reason, I offer a variety of readings at the most reasonable prices possible. Likewise, I offer all of the readings in this catalog in person or online. I can work on online readings throughout the day, but I only schedule in person readings between 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM. All sessions begin at the agreed upon time so please be conscious of this and plan to arrive 5 minutes early, keeping in mind that there is a $15.00 setup fee for last minute cancellations or no-shows without advance notice. Children and teens under 18 must have permission from a parent or guardian to receive a reading.

All clients must pre-pay for readings using the PayPal options on this page. When ordering more than one reading, make each transaction separately. I will work on multiple online readings in the order that you purchase them. Thank You!

2018 Catalog and Price List ~

​Angel Oracle Reading: is a highly personalized three-card wisdom offering from the major Archangels. This reading includes a detailed, written interpretation of the guidance being gifted to you through the Universe so that you might live with greater love, inner peace, wisdom and joy. The Angel Oracle Reading is suitable for all ages and is my most appropriate reading for young children. The cost is $27.

Annual Wisdom Quest: works as a lodestone in your personal life cycle. As such, it is the perfect reading for your next birthday or for the beginning of a New Year. You will receive a written interpretation, which may be used as a reference point throughout the coming year. Besides the wisdom of Tarot and numerology, I will also integrate a card from The Mayan Oracle into each Annual Wisdom Quest. Be sure to send the month and day of your birth with your payment! The Annual Wisdom Quest is suitable for all levels and ages. There is a limit to one Annual Wisdom Quest per client in any given year. The cost is $32.

Aura Photograph Analysis: If you have a photograph of yourself taken with a Kirlian, aura or digital camera, and you would like me to read your aura for you, send the photograph to me @ cathyginter@gmail.com. Please keep in mind that I do not use computer-generated software to interpret your photograph. Rather, I am intuitively reading your auric field and interpreting how the vibrations of color work in harmony. Therefore, each analysis is detailed and highly personal. The cost is $27.00 (the online analysis includes the written guidance).

Aura Spread: provides you with a unique and fascinating opportunity to understand and release the emotional and karmic blocks that are preventing you from moving forward on your life path. You will also discover what you are still carrying on your Aura from past life experiences and/or traumas. For most of my clients, The Aura Spread is a very personal and often emotional experience that creates an opening in the ego and leads to a greater awareness of the psyche. This is truly an amazing spread, and the results can be astounding. The Aura Spread can be a bit intense and is not suitable for children or teens. The cost is $37 (the online spread includes a written interpretation).

Celtic Cross Spread: will provide relevant information to help you make a wise decision, surrounding a current relationship or life situation. The Celtic Cross Spread is also a very good choice if you would like to connect with a deceased loved one or if you are seeking spiritual guidance for your path of destiny. The Celtic Cross Spread is one of my most popular spreads and is suitable for all levels and ages. The cost is $27 (the online spread includes a written interpretation).

Eight Chakra Spread: is a wonderfully positive reading that will assist you in becoming more aware of the spiritual health of each chakra. It will also note if there are any blocks in any particular chakra that will require a deeper attention towards healing. The key intention is to rediscover your inner truth so that you can live your life in full alignment with your true path of destiny as a wise, intuitive and joyful human being. The Eight Chakra Spread is quite suitable for mature teens and young adults. The cost is $27 (the online spread includes a written interpretation).

Predictive Spread: answers your question, by exploring the root cause of your problem and by examining all of the surrounding energy forces. Using six groups of triads, this spread also creates an opportunity for greater depth and understanding of past and current events, provides a detailed, definitive course of action for the immediate future, and reveals the level of success which can be expected. The Predictive Spread requires a specific question or focal point so be sure to include a brief question with your payment or you can send it via email. This is my most popular spread and is suitable for all levels and ages. The cost is $27 (the online spread includes a written interpretation).

Saints and Angels Oracle Reading: offers a highly evolved, wisdom message from the Universe to guide you on your spiritual path. This unique single-card reading works equally well alone or along with one of the other readings I offer, and it is suitable for all levels and ages. The cost is $11.00 (the online spread includes a written interpretation). 

Tree of Life Spread: opens each portal on the Tree's path, revealing the physical, emotional, and mental body of the seeker and unwinding the illusions of the psyche. This powerful 10-card major Arcana spread forms an esoteric map that unlocks the gateway to our highest Self. It is truly a valuable, metaphysical tool that offers spiritual wisdom and insight along the return journey Home. I will include an affirmation with every Tree of Life Spread. The Tree of Life Spread is for my most serious and mature clients only. The cost is $32 (the online spread includes a written interpretation). 

Tarot Wisdom ~ 

Cathy Ginter, Master Tarotologist is listed as one of the five best readers in the Pittsburgh area by CBSPittsburgh.

I begin each Tarot Card Reading by creating a sacred space. When we mix the cards and focus on receiving guidance, we magnetize the specific energy of those cards that are attracted to your question. The threads of energy become integrated like the interlocking pieces of a puzzle and create the powerful message that your Higher Self wants you to hear.

The purpose of a Tarot Card Reading is to bring clarity and direction into your daily life. Try not to wait until a crisis arises before you schedule your next reading. It is easier to maintain a sense of balance and equilibrium if you are aware of the subtle changes in and around your aural field. Therefore, I personally recommend a Tarot Card Reading at least once every six months.

I am not a fortuneteller. Rather, I offer my clients spiritual healing and guidance based on my study into Unity Consciousness, A Course in Miracles, Reiki principles and ancient Tarot wisdom. Moreover, I have been reading cards for others since 1988. As a result of my dedicated service and study of Tarot, including Karmic Spreads, Past Life Regression, Tarot Pathworking, and Qabalah -The Tree of Life, I have attained the Master level of Tarotology.

Note: Each of us has free will and is ultimately responsible for every choice we make. Finally, I assure each of my clients complete confidentiality. I will not break this trust under any circumstance.
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