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Crystals for Healing ~
Minerals, Crystals and Gemstones

Minerals, crystals and gemstones are literally the ground upon which we stand, anchoring us to our spiritual center on a day-by-day basis. Moreover, they are some of the most magnificent, unique and beautiful gifts of the Earth plane. Materializing from the fiery depths of our planet, these precious stones appear in a multitude of color and texture. In the hands of an experienced healer, they catch and move light in a remarkable way. As such, crystals play a very powerful role in healing the auric field. I have personally witnessed the strands of energy emitted from a clear quartz crystal send an intense vibratory flow through the Aura, revealing emotional blocks and creating deep healing to the physical, emotional and spiritual body. I also like to use crystals to absorb the impurities of an ambivalent psyche and to amplify one's true intention during a Tarot Reading, especially when the seeker is mixing the cards. I am both humbled and honored to share some of my favorite minerals, crystals and gemstones along with a brief synopsis of their most beneficial healing properties:

From the Greek akhates, Agate is a fine-grained crystal that can be found in a myriad of colors and patterns. Highly valued as a talisman in ancient times, Agate is used to reduce stress and to inspire a positive attitude, inner peace and happiness. A great aid in calming a restless mind, Agate encourages us to speak our truth with wisdom, courage and clarity. Agate has a high vibratory flow, which can guide us to a greater sense of love, forgiveness and spiritual awareness.

A hardened, transparent yellow, orange or brownish-yellow fossil resin, Amber is not a true gemstone. Instead, Amber is formed from prehistoric trees, aged over millions of years. Thus, the Amber deserves our deepest respect. Its healing properties include reduced joint pain, ease of gum soreness, and relief of stomach ailments. Amber also promotes good luck and success. Use Amber to balance the Aura, to open the crown chakra and to accept unconditional love. 

From the Greek amethustos meaning anti-intoxicant, Amethyst is a purple or violet form of translucent quartz. The crystal of healing and spirituality, Amethyst can bring permanent peace and stability to the wearer. Amethyst has strong protective qualities that are useful in warding off the reverse flow of energy from another's depleted or negative Aura. Use Amethyst to bring spiritual perfection, wisdom, contentment, inspiration and divine love.

More recently uncovered in the Sierra Mountains of California by Medicine Woman, Lady Nellie, Andara are translucent, glass-like crystals in a rainbow of beautiful colors. Meaning "Light of Beauty and Perfection," Andara are considered to be one of the most powerful and sacred healing tools on the planet. As such, they are wonderful for channeling a higher frequency of Universal love and wisdom and can be used in both Reiki and meditation practice.

From the Latin aqua marina meaning water of the sea, Aquamarine is a clear pale to light blue-green gemstone. It is one of our most sacred stones and can connect us to our soul purpose. Aquamarine can lighten the breath to heighten a spiritual awakening during healing and meditation. Aquamarine can also generate a prolonged state of inner balance and serenity. Use Aquamarine to reduce fluid retention, to support the thymus gland and to calm the nerves.

Also known as sunstone, Aventurine is derived from the French aventure meaning adventure, simply because of its accidental discovery. This deep green, often brown-flecked opaque stone portends opportunity and good fortune. Aventurine increases perception, leadership abilities and creative insight. It also promotes emotional stability. Use Aventurine during prolonged fasts to reduce hunger, to open the heart chakra and to witness a clear and honest reflection of Self.

Bloodstone (Heliotrope)
From the Greek heliotropion meaning sundial, Bloodstone is a deep-green crystal with specks of red jasper. It is a powerful stone that portends justice and protection. Bloodstone can bring change and is used to circulate energy through the body, removing any blocks or toxicity. Besides strengthening the heart, spleen, and bone marrow, Bloodstone increases the supply of oxygen into blood stream. Use Bloodstone for healing, prayer and meditation.

From the Greek khalkedon, Chalcedony is a gray or grayish-blue stone more commonly known as "Thunder Egg." Considered to be a mystical or sacred stone by the Native Americans, Chalcedony nurtures brotherhood and good will and facilitates the development of our sixth sense. Chalcedony also promotes stamina as it purifies the blood stream. Use Chalcedony to harmonize and to heal the body, mind and spirit and to encourage the generosity of an open Heart.

From the French cornelle meaning cherry-colored, Carnelian is a pale to deep red crystal with very protective qualities, especially when used as a vehicle for love. Carnelian can improve self-esteem, boost the energy stream of the Aura, and calm the temper. It also reminds us that a sense of humor is often the best cure for sorrow and emotional depression. Use Carnelian to increase the appetite, to ward against poverty and to extend compassion.

The healing stone of the Native American, Chrysocolla is a beautiful blue-green crystal that is used to strengthen the immune system and to calm the psyche, especially in stressful situations. Chrysocolla encourages peace, wisdom, composure and general good sense. It can also soothe burns and alleviate cramping. Healers can use Chrysocolla to open his/her third eye for greater insight and awareness, especially when retrieving past-life guidance and knowledge.

From the Latin citrus, Citrine is a pale-yellow quartz similar to topaz in appearance. Citrine's warmth enhances strength, self-esteem and personal power. It also reflects our need to be more motivated when pursuing our goals. Citrine can disperse negative and self-destructive frequencies, so it is useful in clearing the more subtle layers of the auric field. Use Citrine to increase mind awareness, to sharpen clarity of vision and to attract abundance.

From the Greek korallion meaning pebble, Coral is a reddish orange, pink or white dense rock-like substance secreted from tiny marine organisms called polyps. Symbolizing the beauty of life, Coral is also known as the "Garden of the Sea." Coral can inspire us to lead a life filled with happiness, well-being and good health. Use Coral to improve health, to boost the blood flow, to increase appetite and to activate chi, the life energy of the vital Aura.

From the Latin adimas, Diamonds signify the wholeness of Self. It is the hardest of gems and one of the most valued, especially known for its beauty, purity and refractive nature. Diamonds bring clarity and quick, positive solutions to problems or transactions that have been eluding us, especially if we are willing to surrender an obstinate approach or unrealistic expectations. Diamonds works in tandem to increase the vibratory healing qualities of all the other crystals.

From the Latin smaragdus, Emerald is a brilliant, translucent green gemstone known as the sacred gift of the goddess Venus. It signifies patience, strength, endurance and resilience. Thought to preserve love and faithfulness, Emerald can create healing after a prolonged illness or a period of difficulty. Thus, Emerald is the symbol of hope. Emerald can also bring wisdom, abundance and tranquility. Use Emerald as a stone of prophecy and clairvoyance.

From the Greek dialytos, Eudialyte is a rare pink-red crystal with deeper pools of darker hues that provides flashes of psychic insights. Also known as the Heart stone, Eudialyte has the ability to activate the heart chakra and fine tune the root chakra, bringing the emotional body into greater alignment with the purest love that naturally flows from the heart. Use Eudialyte to increase vitality, to purify the blood stream, and to manifest love and joy.

Fluorite is a light-colored green, blue, violet, yellow, brown or colorless rock that is frequently fluorescent in ultraviolet light. Fluorite can sharpen the mind, especially in matters that require intense focus and concentration. It is also a useful tool for meditation or in situations where there is a need to grasp abstract or metaphysical concepts. Fluorite can counterbalance harmful vibrations. Use Fluorite to strengthen the bones and to improve movement in the joints. 

From the French grenat meaning dark red or pomegranate-colored, Garnet is a crystallized mineral often found imbedded in igneous or metamorphic rocks. Known as the stone of health, purity, love and compassion, Garnet can rid the body of any residual or negative vibrations. It can also cleanse the thyroid and open the crown chakra. Use Garnet to increase sexuality, to create good fortune in business, to connect with past lives, and to balance and align the Aura.

From the Greek haimatites meaning bloodlike stone, Hematite is a blackish-red to brick-red crystal sometimes referred to as "Iron Rose." Actually, it is known to stimulate the absorption of iron in the small intestine and to increase the supply of oxygen in the body. Hematite can improve relationships, reduce stress, expand awareness, attain inner peace and balance the energy field. Use Hematite to find happiness and to overcome the limitations of the mind.

From the Latin jacintus meaning hyacinth or precious stone, Jacinth is the sacred blue gem mentioned in the Bible as a stone in the wall of the New Jerusalem. Also reddish-orange in color, Jacinth has many powerful healing properties, including its ability to relieve pain, improve self-esteem and provide the wearer with wisdom, spiritual wealth and self-respect. Jacinth is especially helpful at night when the seeker is unsettled and requires a deep and tranquil sleep free of nightmares.

From the Spanish ijada meaning stone of the flank, Jade is usually pale green to white in color. Popular for carving, Jade symbolizes healing, eternal truth and wisdom. Jade is known to accelerate the evolution of consciousness by creating inner peace. It can also negate lower frequencies of energy by encouraging love and kindness. Use Jade for clear analysis in business transactions and to facilitate healing of the kidneys, heart and digestive system. 

From the Greek iaspis, Jasper is a solid reddish-brown or yellow crystal that signifies healing and long life. In fact, Jasper is one of the oldest gemstones known to man. Hold a piece of Jasper if you want the truth to be revealed. Jasper also brings good fortune is business. Jasper's vibratory flow promotes greater peace and accord between humanity and nature, as it shows us our spiritual connection to all life forms. Use Jasper for courage and personal freedom.

A form of Feldspar rock, Labradorite has the ability to reflect multiple colors in the light. Labradorite's inherent magical properties assist us in seeing through our illusion to the very essence of Being. Considered the stone of spiritual awakening, Labradorite guides the astral traveler safely on the vision quest. Use Labradorite to open the third eye, to cultivate the imagination and to inspire originality when beginning new creative endeavors.

Lapis Lazuli
From the Arabic lazaward, Lapis Lazuli is an ancient deep-blue opaque crystal known as the gemstone of Royalty. Lapis Lazuli has amazing and powerful protective properties in the hands of an experienced, wise and loving healer. Because of its intense vibratory flow, Lapis Lazuli can also open the chakras or energy centers of the Aura. Use Lapis Lazuli to purify and cleanse the spirit, to strengthen the intellect and to develop intuition and creativity.

Known as the "Blue Stone of Atlantis," Larimar is a very rare and powerful healing crystal that is found only in the Dominican Republic. Sometimes called the Dolphin Stone, the vibratory flow of Larimar echoes love and understanding as it opens the higher chakras, bringing calm and serenity to the holder. Use Larimar to attain a higher frequency of esoteric wisdom, to communicate with the angels and the spirit creatures of the sea, and to envision world peace.

This powerful channeling crystal was left on the Earth plane by an advanced ancient civilization known as the Lemurians. The seed crystals are imbued with a message of mutuality, equanimity and unconditional love. Simply holding Lemuria in the palm of the hand during a healing or meditation session releases the wisdom of the Lemurians. Use Lemuria to open the heart center, to clear the chakras and balance the auric field, and to visit the dream world.

From the Greek molokhitis meaning mallow-green stone, Malachite is a green to almost black gemstone. Known as "the mirror of the soul," Malachite is a perfect reflection of our true thoughts and emotions. It is also known for it ability to transform impurities to a higher vibratory frequency. Malachite's ability to bring balance can change conflict into peaceful compromise. Use Malachite to treat asthma, muscle soreness, swollen joints and tumors.

A rare, green translucent mineral that crystallized when a meteor collided with the Earth plane almost 15 million years ago in the Moldau River Valley of the Czech Republic, Moldavite has the ideal frequency to open the spiritual heart center and to accelerate true spiritual growth. Use Moldavite to develop love and compassion for all beings. Moldavite is the perfect companion to all of the other crystals and gemstones as it enhances the intensity of their energy flow.

A lustrous, transparent gemstone, Moonstone is known as the "Traveler's Stone" for it brings good fortune to the explorer and adventurer, on land or at sea. Moonstone can also form positive life changes, especially in romance. It is also useful for creative reflection as we journey on the inner quest for wisdom and understanding. Moonstone can help men find their more feminine intuitive self. For women, use Moonstone to balance the menstrual cycle.

From the Latin obsidianus, Obsidian is a dark, lustrous crystal, formed from cooled lava. Obsidian is the perfect crystal to ground the chakras and create a greater sense of spiritual purpose. Obsidian is also known as the "Mirror Stone" because of its reflective qualities. Once we see what is false and illusory, it is easier to release negative or fearful thought patterns. Use Obsidian to be present in the moment, to forgive all grievances and to speak without complaining.

From the Greek oion meaning egg, Onyx is another important grounding crystal. It can bring peace of mind and spiritual balance, even in the most chaotic situation. Onyx is especially powerful in healing the grief experienced through the loss of a loved one or the end of an unhappy relationship. Onyx can align the chakras, protect against invisible or negative forces and sharpen the intellect. Use Onyx for happiness, health, self-esteem and personal awareness.

From the Sanskrit upala meaning precious stone, Opal is a translucent gemstone that is a very powerful tool for the healer. Opal can connect us with our ocean and water loving Totems such as the Whale and Dolphin. Also known as the "Stone of the God," Opal opens the throat and heart chakras, so that we may communicate with love and forgiveness. Opal is also connected to our sexuality and can increase romance, libido and passion between spiritual lovers.

From the Latin perna, Pearls are formed around a tiny deposit of sand in the shells of mollusks. Prized for it beauty and purity, Pearls can bring wisdom, inspiration and good fortune in business or creative ventures. Pearl signifies the human soul, enhancing the highest qualities of faith, goodness, tolerance, compassion and personal integrity. Use Pearl to focus with intention and to bring strength, patience and perseverance to every endeavor that is important to us.

From the French peridot, Peridot is a green igneous crystal with the highest healing properties. Regarded as holy to the early Christians and considered to be a gift of The Earth Mother by the ancient healers, Peridot brings optimism, joy and beauty. Peridot soothes and opens the throat chakra and guards against anger, jealousy, darkness and despair. Use Peridot to heal the gall bladder and liver and to boost the energy flow around the solar plexus and the heart chakras.

First discovered on farmland in Namibia in 1962, Pietersite is also known as Eagle's Eye or the Tempest Stone. This powerful crystal is thought to hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Pietersite is a great asset to the metabolism as it refreshes the lungs, liver and circulatory system. Also use Pietersite as a channel between the physical plane and the spiritual plane, to increase awareness, to open the third and eye, and to cultivate intuition and the heart of a visionary. 

From the German quarz, Quartz is a hard clear crystal discovered in the highest peaks of the Alps and at first thought to be ice that would never melt. Bringing balance, clarity and harmony to the auric field, Quartz is the "Power Stone" of the healer. Representing the essential self, Quartz symbolizes the unity of all polarity. Use Quartz to stimulate the mind, to balance thoughts with emotions, to amplify the energy flow during a healing session and to know Self.

From the Greek rhodon meaning rose, Rhodonite is a pink or rose-red crystal that is also known as the "Rescue Stone."  Rhodonite has a high vibratory flow that can open the heart chakra and promote a rush of unconditional love. With Rhodonite, we can observe the ego and discover our true potential as spiritual beings. Use Rhodonite to dissolve feelings of confusion and anxiety; to create acceptance in all situations; and to facilitate healthy, balanced relationships.

Rose Quartz
A pink rose-colored gemstone, Rose Quartz is known as the "Love Stone." Rose Quartz has a cool, soft and gentle vibratory flow that can nudge the heart to open itself to spiritual or Universal Love. Rose Quartz stabilizes and rejuvenates the auric field, creating a true sense of self-esteem and inner peace. Use Rose Quartz to express love and friendship, to heal any emotional or traumatic wound and to create inner peace and sensibility during a crisis.

From the Latin rubinus meaning red stone, Ruby is a rose to deep-red, precious gemstone. Regarded as one of the most potent gemstones, Ruby symbolizes passion, vitality, strength and sexual desire. It also represents the pathway to self-realization or spiritual enlightenment. Meditate on Ruby to bring courage, peace and contentment of the heart. Also use Ruby to boost the circulation of the blood and to remove impurities from disease, illness or infection.

From the Greek sappheiros meaning blue and the Sanskrit sanipriya meaning precious to the planet Saturn, Sapphire is a pure blue gemstone that is also known as the "Stone of Destiny." Symbolizing heaven or divine protection, Sapphire provides the key to unlocking the subconscious and revealing the treasures hidden therein. Sapphire is also the stone of clarity, joy and perception. Use Sapphire to uncover the depths of the soul and the longing of the heart's true desire.

Smoky Quartz
Named after the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland, Cairngorm or Smoky Quartz is a smoky brown or yellow type of quartz crystal that is also known as the "Stone of Survival." Smoky Quartz can boost the energy field, promote confidence and inspire joy in living. Smoky Quartz also enhances our creativity and opens the mind to greater insight and knowledge. Use Smoky Quartz to relieve the symptoms of depression and to dissolve negativity in and around the auric field.

A blue-white mineral, Sodalite enhances innate psychic powers in the natural healer. It also unifies positive and negative polarity points along the energy field to bring greater balance, harmony and inner peace. Sodalite can also boost the metabolism and bring therapeutic cleansing to the thyroid gland, the endocrine system and the lymphatic system. Use Sodalite to inspire creative communication skills and to stimulate muscular strength and endurance. 

A yellow-brown semi-precious gemstone, Tiger-eye is also known as "Cat's Eye." It is a powerful earthy stone that can open the third eye and expand clairvoyance and inner vision. Tiger-eye brings good fortune, wealth, openness, candor, and personal power. Its energy vibration is soothing, protective and calming, even in turbulent or chaotic situations. In the hands of an experienced and loving healer, Tiger-eye has the potential to create a full spiritual awakening.

From the Greek topazos, Topaz is a brown or pink gemstone that signifies the promise of true love in ones' personal relationships and accomplishment in one's creative work in the world. Topaz inspires the bearer to exhibit self-confidence, especially when expressing new ideas. In this manner, Topaz becomes the catalyst for manifesting one's core intent. Also, use Topaz as a balm to heal the auric field and soothe eruptions of the skin caused by stressful situations. 

Tourmalated Quartz
Actually clear Quartz with strands of Tourmaline needles, this crystal combines the power of the Quartz with the energy of the Tourmaline into a sort of "super" crystal. Not only does Tourmalated Quartz have a grounding effect on the auric field, it also can open and clear the chakras and balance masculine and feminine polarities in the Aura. To be used only for short periods of time by the trained healer, store Tourmalated Quartz in a safe space when not in use.

From the French turqueise meaning Turkish stone, this blue-green gemstone is one of the oldest stones known to mankind. It symbolizes luck, friendship, loyalty and good fortune. It can also strengthen the immune system. Turquoise is known to ward off negative frequencies and to provide protection of body and mind when visiting the spiritual realm. Use Turquoise to alleviate pain and cramping, to neutralize stomach acidity and to cure viral infections.

Crystal Care:
Periodically, wash your crystals in clear spring water or filtered rain water. I like to collect rain water on or around the Full Moon. Store crystals that will be used for healing in a still or peaceful space. Wrapped in silk, in a wooden box is always a good bet. Always treat crystals with respect, wisdom and love. Remember what you are holding!

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