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It is all about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Dreamwork ~

Do you have a dream that remains a mystery to you? I have been studying dreams and their symbology since 1973, and I am pleased to offer an online dream analysis service. In addition to the basic dream interpretation, I will also include a visualization. A visualization is a guided meditation that creates a connection between our subconscious and conscious mind. By using the guided meditation right before falling asleep, we can inspire lucid dreaming, an invaluable tool that is helpful in overcoming addictions such as eating disorders and drug or alcohol abuse. Lucid dreaming inspires real healing to take place while we sleep. The idea is to create a shift away from old patterns of behavior through personal awareness.

For example, water is a common but important dream symbol which represents our unconscious Self, including our ability to feel on an emotional level. Normally, we simply observe the water as a property in the dream. Through lucid dreaming, we can gain true awareness of the source of the water within the dream. Then, we can consciously choose to create a cup, fill that cup with the dream water and drink its cool, pure, refreshing nourishment. In this manner, we can incorporate the water's healing properties on a deep psychic level and flood our consciousness with the Light of Spirit, thus revealing the truth and essence of the dream message.

Our Dreams and What They Mean ~

The archetypal images of the dream world form a universal language that transcends race, religion, culture and national origin. Our dreams speak to us of our hopes and fears often urging our psyche to accept greater challenges and to overcome once seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Likewise, our dreams can be a celebration of joy, the promise of love or the original witness to our best accomplishments. Our dreams can also announce the coming of an important individual to our life path. On a personal note, I have encountered some of my most important spiritual guides, animal totems and teachers in the dream world.

About Cathy Ginter ~

My interest in Dreamwork began as a child who was mesmerized by the stories of Daniel in the Bible. Today, my knowledge of dreams and their symbolic meaning encompasses over thirty-five years of intensive exploration into Jungian Archetypes, Aboriginal Dreamtime, Animal Totems, Shamanism, and the ancient religions and philosophies of the world.

​Dream Analysis ~

If you have an encounter in Dreamtime and would like to further explore the experience, I will provide you with a personalized, detailed and thoughtfully written, interpretation, complete with a visualization and pathworking exercises, specific to your dream. Be certain to include as many details of your dream as you can remember. I would also like to know your full name plus the month and day of your birth. Then e-mail the above information to my mailbox at:

The cost is $32.00

Please pay via PayPal button. As soon as I receive your payment in full, I will email the dream analysis to you. Thank You!