Cathy Ginter


My Pledge ~

Safe Harbor Center for Spiritual Healing is a 106 acre property located in a secluded, natural setting 30 miles north of Pittsburgh and only 1 1/2 miles from historic Saxonburg. From the privacy of my home, surrounded by the forests and fields of western Pennsylvania, I will be your guide as you learn to make more balanced thoughtful choices, pursue loving compassionate relationships and become aware of your artistic and creative potential. You will discover how to face your fears and the obstacles along your path with courage and integrity. The guidance that you receive always comes from your highest Self and works like a beacon, lighting the way to personal awareness and an enrichment of life in celebration of the journey.

My Story ~

I was born Catherine Mary Ward on September 21, 1955 at 8:10 in the morning on the last day of summer. The Sun was on the cusp between Virgo and Libra - Libra is also my Rising Sign. My mom says that she was in labor for less than one hour and that I didn't cry at my birth. I don't have a single memory of the event - in fact, I don't have any memories until shortly before my fifth birthday! Go figure... it's a mystery where I was in those early years!

My first teacher was my grandmother, Emily Ofiesh, the wife of an Eastern Orthodox priest. As a child, who saw Auras and Angels, I found refuge in the open warmth of her spirituality and the depth of her healing powers. Then in the 1974, while attending Slippery Rock University as a philosophy student, I met my mentor, Buff Dickson. From her kitchen table, Buff shared with me her wonderful sense of humor mixed together with her vast knowledge of dreams, cards and crystals. Without question, Buff was truly the spark that lit my passion for the Tarot. So in a very real sense, I've been a student of the powerful energy currents of the Tarot my entire life. Moreover, I have been reading cards for others since 1988. As a result of my dedicated service and study of Tarot, including Karmic Spreads, Past Life Regression, Tarot Pathworking, and Qabalah -The Tree of Life, I have attained the Master level of Tarotology.

My interest in Dreamwork began as a child who was mesmerized by the stories of Daniel in the Bible. Today, my knowledge of dreams and their symbolic meaning encompasses over thirty-five years of intensive exploration into Jungian Archetypes, Aboriginal Dreamtime, Animal Totems, Shamanism, and the ancient religions and philosophies of the world.

Over the past three decades, I have worked extensively with ACIM-based Healing, Angel Light Healing, Aromatherapy, Basalt & Marble Stone Therapy, Hands-on Healing, Heart Chakra "Singing" Crystal Bowl Healing, Kahuna Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Past Life Therapy, Polarity Balancing, Reiki ~ First, Second and Third Degree, Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies, Shaking Medicine, Sound Healing and Tai Chi. I use all of these modalities in my Healing Sessions.  Finally, during a journey to Sedona and the Grand Canyon in the Fall of 2003, I chose to acknowledge my birthright and to honor my true path as a Spiritual Healer by founding Safe Harbor Center for Spiritual Healing.

Meditative Walking Paths ~

Friends and supporters of Safe Harbor have access to two all-season walking trails that wind across the beautiful scenic ridge of our property. One loop is 1/2 mile while the longer loop is approximately one mile. The flora is currently a meadow with a wide array of wildflowers, shrubs and small trees. While perfect for a quiet, meditative walk, these trails are excellent for bird and wildlife lovers as well so be sure to bring your camera and/or binoculars. Wear sturdy shoes and remember that western Pennsylvania is deer tick country, so dress accordingly. Also, be sure to bring your own drinking water, and since there are no trash receptacles along the route, please carry out everything you carry in! Most important, always remember to enjoy life's simple blessings. *All dogs must be on a leash.

Meditation Garden ~

I welcome you to come and enjoy the meditation garden at Safe Harbor. Outdoors, in a natural setting, this area is quiet and very private - the perfect retreat spot for contemplation.