Cathy Ginter

Spiritual Consulting

At this time of uncertainty and anxiety about the health and wellbeing of our families and loved ones, I continue to offer Consulting Sessions across the globe. Moreover this is the perfect time to receive guidance for ourselves as we cultivate a simpler, more reflective lifestyle, one that is in greater alignment with our most authentic self. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything... from the Heart ~ Cathy Ginter

The Gift ~

One of the gifts we receive from a challenging life situation is a deepening sense of compassion for others.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   When we are open to whatever happens to be arising in each and every moment, we begin to see the real treasure that is being offered to us. Herein is our invitation to meet ourselves and one another, and to grow both emotionally and spiritually. This is why I call this work, The Gift. ~ Cathy Ginter

If you would like to resolve a relationship conflict in your life, I offer my services as a consultant for couples, business associates, neighbors, parents and children, siblings, etc. As a facilitator, I will provide an open, non-judgmental space in which you can freely explore differences in perspective and seek common ground. Our intention will be to use loving negotiation as a tool to gain a greater understanding of oneself and one another so that you might solve the situation in a peaceful manner. My approach for all consulting sessions is based on the wisdom of A Course in Miracles, The Five Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and The Work by Byron Katie. I have found through personal experience that a simple yet direct approach is a practicable guide to personal freedom as well as an effective way to create positive change both on an emotional and spiritual level. Keep in mind that truth expressed with consistency, love and intent will directly change our own minds which in turn will change the world around us. The ultimate goal is to gain peaceful resolution through integrity and honest communication.

I also work one-on-one with individuals. If you would simply like to grow spiritually or if for any reason the person with whom you are in conflict is not yet ready to come with you to a consulting session, there is no reason you cannot come alone. In this manner, you will acquire the tools necessary to offer the most peaceful, open and honest expression of your true Self. All Spiritual Consulting sessions will remain completely confidential.

Spiritual Consulting sessions are available via phone. All sessions are by appointment only, and all clients must pre-pay for their consulting session in full using the payment link on this page.

The 1 hour Consulting Session includes a Celtic Cross Spread.

Be certain to make a note of which session you are purchasing, along with your current email address, in the “Add a Note” section that is included when you make your payment so that I know how to contact you. Or you can always send an email directly to me after you have confirmed your payment. Thank You!