Cathy Ginter

Spiritual Healing

At this time of uncertainty and anxiety about the health and wellbeing of our families and loved ones, I continue to offer Distance Healings across the globe. Moreover this is the perfect time to receive guidance for ourselves as we cultivate a simpler, more reflective lifestyle, one that is in greater alignment with our most authentic self. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything... from the Heart ~ Cathy Ginter

My Approach ~

Over the past three decades, I have worked extensively with ACIM-based Healing, Angel Light Healing, Aromatherapy, Basalt & Marble Stone Therapy, Hands-on Healing, Heart Chakra "Singing" Crystal Bowl Healing, Kahuna Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Past Life Therapy, Polarity Balancing, Reiki ~ First, Second and Third Degree, Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies, Shaking Medicine, Sound Healing and Tai Chi. I use all of these modalities in my Healing Sessions.

Aura Healing ~

All thoughts are made of energy. Positive, loving thoughts have the power to heal. In this manner, each of us has the capacity to see ourselves as we already are: completely healed and whole and in perfect ONEness with our Creator. It is from this truth that I begin every Healing Session. Using a stream of Universal Light Energy, I will clear the layers of your Aura by opening and cleansing each chakra. This process creates inner peace which, in turn, empowers your spiritual body to heal.

Seeking balance in body, mind and spirit is the holistic approach to healing the Human Energy Field. This path is useful in overcoming addictions, releasing stress, strengthening the immune system, dealing with anger and other negative emotions, and recovering from the painful loss of a loved one. An Aura Healing can also be beneficial before or after undergoing a medical procedure in order to accelerate healing.

It is important to note that an Aura Healing is not intended to replace the care of a qualified physician. If you are sick, then by all means, consult your family doctor. Likewise, the goal of a Healing Session is not meant to cure a specific physical ailment. Rather, it is through refreshing the body, calming the mind and purifying the spirit with the light of Universal Energy that true success is realized.

Ask yourself the following questions. How well do I accept the gift of love? Can I truly embrace the moment? Can I say that my life is good, that all is well? I believe that the true measure of a spirit that is both balanced and healed is how well we can count our blessings even in the face of adversity. And by creating a vision of our personal well being, we literally embody the miracle of spiritual healing.

Sound Healing ~

The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe. ~ Hazrat Kahn

As a musician, I have experienced first hand the healing benefits of music and sound. Imagine a pure vibration, a single musical note, traveling from an instrument, through the Aura, in perfect harmony with each chakra, then rippling outward on an infinite journey into the farthest reaches of the Universe. This is Sound Healing. Using 8 Chakra Tuning Forks and Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies, I will align each chakra by tuning them to their optimal vibratory frequency. As the sound wave, or vibration, travels into the Human Energy Field, it magnifies the body's ability to correct imbalances, to remove negative thoughts, to reduce stress and pain, to enhance memory and the creative imagination, and to promote harmony and healing. Sound Healing can also facilitate a shift of awareness and an inner awakening of our life purpose as we reconnect with our Source.

Throughout your session, I will also be toning a powerful green light and "F" sound emanation by using an 18" Heart Chakra Quartz "Singing" Crystal Bowl. The experience is beyond compare as it opens the Heart center, lightens the color of your aura and flows a shimmering pulse (much like sunlight sparkling on water) throughout the entire ethereal body. I am noticing that the frequency of this pure and radiant vibration promotes a deeper and more gentle healing experience. Regardless of the burden that you are carrying in your heart when you arrive, you will certainly leave in a space of greater joy and inner peace.

Distance Healing ~

I also offer distance healings around the world. Contact me via e-mail so that we can agree on a time that you will not be disturbed for any reason for 30 minutes - 1 hour (depending on which session you choose). Find a quiet, comfortable space to stretch out. You can play soft, gentle instrumental music (I don't recommend music with singing or other vocals). Lie on your back with your arms to your sides. Take slow, deep, easy breaths and just relax - you can even fall asleep. I will send the healing energy to you. After your healing session is complete, I will write up the guidance and send it via email.

​All healing sessions are by appointment only, and all clients must pre-pay for their healing in full before scheduling a healing session.

Select your session and pay now.

Distance Aura and Sound Healing Session
(scheduled at flexible times according to your time zone)
$35/30 min  ~ $45/45 min  ~ $55/1 hr

Then, be certain to make a note of which session you are purchasing, along with your current email address, in the “Add a Note” section that is included when you make your payment so that I know how to contact you. Or you can always send an email directly to me after you have confirmed your payment. Thank You!

Please note: You will want to wear clean, warm, loose, comfortable clothes. Cotton is better than man-made fibers. For example, wear cotton socks as opposed to nylon socks or stockings. This will allow your body to breathe naturally. Finally, in order to gain the greatest benefit from your Aura Healing, refrain from eating and drink only pure water for at least one hour before and after each healing.